Upload Artworks

Please upload the necessary artwork files and instructions that we will need to process your order. You can also provide your message in the text box containing instructions or additional notes for your order. If you need to upload multiple files, please compress them into a single zip archive and upload.

We require your files to be properly prepared for print, to ensure that your order is fulfilled smoothly and accurately. Please follow this guideline:


Your file design specification

-          Colour Space: CMYK with fonts converted to curves or outlines.

-          Resolution: Minimum 300 DPI (Max. 350 DPI).  No web graphics (i.e. 72dpi or 96dpi).

-          Full Bleed: 1/8" (3 mm) on any side that bleeds. (2 mm every side, Leave 4mm safe margin)

-          Safe zone: adjust your text and important graphics to be 1/8" inside of the finished size on all four sides.

-          Rich Blacks (Solid Backgrounds Only): We recommend C30% M20% Y20% and K100%. Not recommended for text. Rich black ( 40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 30% Yellow, 100% Black ) should be used for large areas of black and will give a deep solid black finish. 100% black ( 0% Cyan, 0% Magenta, 0% Yellow, 100% Black ) should be used for small black text (12pt and smaller) and lines, this will result in crisp text and edges.

-          Dimension: 3-1/2" (88.5mm) X 2-1/4" (57mm), Including bleed. (Design size is 90mm x 58mm)

-          File types: We prefer artwork files created from CorelDraw and Photoshop, or outputed to PDF (.ai, .psd, .eps, .pdf, or hi-res .jpeg). PDFs are acceptable if following the same guidelines (convert fonts, not just embed them) and DO NOT INCLUDE crop and registration marks, colour bars and anything that is only meant for your own proofing purposes.

-          File size: 2gig max upload

-          Fonts: Please include all printer and screen fonts used to create your artwork. If you are positive that we will not have to make any changes to your file, you can convert all type to curves or outlines.

-          You can upload images for the front and/or back of cards as needed. Two sided products should be set up head to head to ensure proper orientation.

PVC Business Cards Specifications

 Art work specifications

Your file/design specifications for business cards

-          Card Dimensions: Length: 3.375" Depth: 2.125" Corner Radius: .125" 

-          Type/Graphics: Fonts should be minimum 5 pt. in size. Fine or reverse type should be minimum 7 pt. in size.


Metal Business Cards Specifications

Butterfly Patterned

Metal Business Card - Butterfly Patterned

Metal Business Cards with other patterns